This is how we do it.
We love building products
The Wheel of Success
The Wheel of Success is our multi-faceted approach to product development and delivery. It is a product growth approach more than a simple software development approach. It was born out of our experience as a London software agency.
Our expertise is the prism through which we analyze feedback/requirements and the guiding light by which solutions are implemented. Quorum is a team of top 1%'ers. Each engineer/project manager/BA goes through a month-long multi-step interview process. Only 8% of all qualified applicants are hired.
Our people are experienced, culture-matched and qualified to deliver best results
We believe in continuous Discovery, as part of the Wheel of Success cycle. At project start we Discover your world view, the reasons of building the software, the business model and requirements and technical and design details. At points of delivery (continuous delivery in production), we Discover feedback (user and UAT) which affects the product and take steps to ensure this feedback impacts Delivery.
The most important question during Discovery is: How does this impact the business?
When we say development we also mean UI/UX design, as we are building a product. We believe in Data Driven Development, tied to specific KPIs and OKRs. We are proponents of frequent commits and continuous delivery. We auto-test where we can, refactor incrementally and use test driven development to shorten the QA cycle.

We cut corners where we can. What I mean by that is - we don't reinvent the wheel. If we can build a fast API connection using an existing library, we will do so, we will not waste your time building from scratch. That's where the prism of the expertise comes in.
Discovery is a way to process inputs, assign weight to changes, evaluate risks and come up with contingency and emergency plans, and decide on the best path forward.
During this phase we build. And test. And build some more.
Sure, we deliver on milestones and we deliver a working software at the end of the project but...the product lives on continuously and requires regular supervision, user feedback monitoring and updates.

As we build and as we move into production, we set up continuous delivery pipelines. Our QA experts work side-by-side with developers, this is how we ensure that when the build lands on your testing server, it is bug-free for your testing.
Delivery is a road, not a destination.
The delivered product is put into the users' hands. This is what this whole thing is all about - live users, using live software. We collect experience data with Firebase, Google Analytics, Localytics, etc.
We should split this up as user feedback and stakeholder feedback. As the stakeholder, you get to provide us with feedback first and foremost. Generally we find there is little discrepancy between customer expectations and deliverables, because we do our homework with Discovery and confirming requirements and managing risks.

User feedback is where things get interesting. With sufficient user volume, we like to set up A/B tests to figure out which versions of features get the best user engagement.
Tech Stack
We are strong believers in business value over technologies. It's the problem we solve with software that matters, not the tools we use to solve it.
Delivery is a road, not a destination.
Web front-end
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