Deliver unified customer experiences to stay compliant and competitive in the era
of fintech
Software solutions for financial services and fintech companies, quickly deployed.
Antiquated systems, outdated mobile experiences and reactive customer support are a scourge of UK financial Services.
And you see an opportunity. As did our customers.
Which led them to:
They solved it with Quorum, a London software non-agency.
Leon Wilson
CEO and co-founder PollenPay
“Quorum was there for us from the beginning. They are more than an outsource team for PollenPay, we consider them our technical team, a part of the core team. We do daily standup and their input is key to product strategy.”
Ilmari Hämäläinen
CEO and founder Rej
"We had a product that was not up to par. We needed to move out of Finland and integrate into wider Scandinavian fintech ecosystem and to update interface. We ended up rebuilding our front-end, set up fast and reliable integrations with fail safes. We have grown 3x since we started working together and attribute that growth in no small part to Quorum."
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It's all because we sweat solutions
We love building software. Yet we never build for the sake of building. The first thing we look for is a way to solve your problem with existing technology.
If no out-of-the-box solution exists, we find the best way to solve your challenge with custom software.
Read more about our development mindset, technologies and process.
Our clients love working with us because they get:
Product development backed with OKRs
Full project, team and process transparency
Top 1% engineering practices
Continuous development, QA and due diligence
Business expertise
Vetted top-tier senior engineers
We sweat solutions.
Get more out of existing systems through integrations and decision intelligence
Provide end-to-end customer journey and financial flow visibility for operations
Proactively engage with users
Prevent data breaches
Provide top-notch mobile experiences
Go from 0 to 1000's of users
Our clients have managed to:
30% MOM growth
Maintaining compliance and staying ahead of the curve
Raising 10’s of £Ms