My Client Reviews
A trust marketplace
Maurice has been building businesses in Sydney for over three decades. In the recent years he has come to rely on a certain international review service for small businesses. However, he felt that the review service was not fully tailored to the Australian small business owners’ experience and expectations. Most importantly, the large international company failed to listen to and act upon their users’ feedback. The situation strongly resembled a monopoly and Maurice saw it fit to disrupt with an upstart small business reviews service.
For us at Quorum, the most important thing about deciding with whom to work is how we feel about our potential client’s business model and their capacity to build a successful business. This is important to us because we build towards a successful business, not a set of deliverables.

From the moment we met, something just clicked. Maurice impressed us as a business operator who knows what he is doing and how he is going to achieve it.
The product we set out to build had two main user types - business owners and reviewers. To achieve a seamless experience for business owners, an insight into how such businesses operate is vital. Maurice had a wide-reaching network of fellow business-owners, a perfect group to offer such insights.
Since most small businesses are already using some web reviews/trust verification service, we had to ensure that they could painlessly transfer their reviews to My Client Reviews.
To make the process feel native for the end user, we gave them multiple options for reaving reviews. The user can leave a review via email or SMS.
The most important thing about a company’s review score is that it be visible. So we created a set of widgets to be easily used on any company’s website. There are the small My Client Reviews score plug-ins and the more involved panels where a user can read through actual reviews right on the company’s website.