A null-in-one tool for the mathematics student
We met with Iman while on business in Sydney and hit it right off. Iman is a mathematics professor. He was appalled by the current state of higher learning, where education is bought and sold and the emphasis is placed on grades over learning. He thought there should be a better way to teach students to actually do mathematics, not just get answers.
Graphing calculators hold an unfair monopoly. Every mathematics student must own a graphing calculator, 95% of which are made by Texas Instruments and sold at 8000% mark up. Students have no choice but to purchase these costly instruments. Or, they can download the free app Mathing which has the full graphing calculator functionality on par with TI-84, TI-92 or HP Prime.

I was extremely excited to work on this part of the project because some of the first code I wrote in my life was TI-Basic on my TI-84 graphing calculator.
Data & functions
Users can compute prime numbers, apply trigonometric transformations, factorise expressions, integrate and differentiate, generate polynomials based on roots and much more. Calculations, equations, graphs can all be stored, transmitted & printed using the LaTeX format - the de facto standard in math typesetting.
& learning
Another pain for today’s university students is the high cost of educational materials. With Mathing, a student is able to access a vast library of open source learning materials. Interestingly, some of the world’s best and historically most used mathematics text books are open source and available within Mathing! There is also a library of mathematics podcasts for the life-long learner.
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